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Noel's Playground at Greeley Park

Noel Drew-Huckins was born with multiple disabilities. He had Cerebral Palsy, was legally blind, had a g-tube for feeding and had seizures. Noel was the sweetest little boy with the brightest smile you have ever seen.  Even with all the hard work and suffering that he went through, he always had a big smile for you.
Noel smiling
Noel passed away in February 2004, and it has been his family’s mission, together with the city of Nashua to see that other children like him can play without restrictions.

Noel’s Playground at Greeley Park
is a park that is designed for children of ALL abilities to play. The park is being built with 100% wheelchair accessibility. It has many features so that children with limited motor functioning can enjoy playing with their family and friends instead of being left out. This has been a dream of his family’s as Noel used a wheelchair and was unable to join his little brother Liam and his friends when they went to play at parks.

Greeley Park is important to the Drew family, as it is Liam and Amywhere Noel’s younger brother Liam took his first steps. When Noel was alive they used to go there all the time, and both of the boys really enjoyed it though Noel couldn’t participate fully. Liam and his mom Melissa still visit the park frequently.

Noel’s younger brother Liam is a fantastic kid. He amazes his family every day. He misses his brother Noel and they talk about him a lot. Liam happens to have Autism, he is non-verbal, has ADHD, Asthma and a severe allergy to peanuts. He has a pretty deep obsession with anything to do with Fire trucks and Police cars.

It is the mission of Noel’s family together with the City of Nashua to see that all children can have the ability to play without restrictions. Our fundraising efforts will continue to make this accessible playground a reality.

Enhanced Life Options Group will manage our fundraising efforts. ELO is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that serves as Trustee for people with disabilities using Special Needs Trusts.


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