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Peter Isabelle Children's Initiative

We are committed to helping children with educational disabilities obtain the special assistance necessary for them to achieve academic progress consistent with their intellectual potential. Many of the gains made by New Hampshire in meeting the needs of special education have been achieved by significant personal and financial sacrifices on the part of Peter Isabellefamilies with special children, as well as the efforts of local communities and dedicated educators. Providing access to independent evaluators, and other assistance, will help secure an education for students with educational disabilities.

Evaluations are critical if our children are to receive appropriate services and reach their potential. A complete evaluation is a road map. It advises what the disability is, what services are needed for the child to progress rapidly considering the disability, and where services can be obtained. Such an evaluation is performed by a qualified and experienced evaluator using precise testing. It helps parents and teachers assist the child to become a successful learner.

We have identified a great need in New Hampshire for a private fund that can be drawn upon to help pay for thorough evaluations for children with educational disabilities. Private insurance is not generally available for educational evaluations and public funds are sparse for this purpose.
The Peter Isabelle Children’s Initiative is a planned future program of Enhanced Life Options Group.

Peter Isabelle was a New Hampshire native who at age 20 died after an eighteen-month battle with cancer. He had goals, ideals and an exciting life planned before he suddenly became ill. Peter’s short life was marked by the concern and consideration he had for others. Through his own example, he gave others the courage not to give up, even in difficult times. The founders of the Children’s Initiative wish to honor Peter’s memory and the qualities for which he stood.

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